American Bresse


American Bresse

The Ultimate Homestead Chicken


First of all, these birds are beautiful. They are a pure creamy white with elegant long feathers, red combs and blue (yes blue!) legs and feet. Red, white and blue makes them rather patriotic and before long they will be the pride of your flock for their all around versatility.

The hens are a little larger than average, laying a generous amount of cream tinted large eggs (over 280 a year) and the Roosters are big handsome boys. The Roosters have the personality of a laid back giant, they are easy going, sure of themselves, and completely safe to be around. They have a crow that is a deep base, like that of the largest happiest go lucky guy in your group of friends. Excellent foragers, they can survive well on any landscape and are extremely predator wise. We have never lost one to a hawk despite their brilliant white feathering.

Now we get to the most interesting part of these birds, the taste! The Bresse are world renowned for being the best tasting chicken in the world. What gives them this amazing taste? It is their ability to marble fat inside of their muscle tissue like a cow does instead of creating a large layer over top of their muscle like a typical chicken does. There is poetry written on the spiritual experience that is getting to taste these birds. So! That is why we call it the ultimate homestead chicken, it is a prolific egg layer that doubles as a meat bird – if you get some roosters out of your straight run chicks you could be looking at the best chicken dinner of your life.

Here is a great detailed article from the Back Yard Chicken community on how to properly raise and finish Bresse for optimal taste.

In France the birds are sold in markets plucked with their feet still attached so you can see the blue and know that indeed you are purchasing a true Bresse. Want to know how to pronounce it their name? Bresse rhymes with “less”.




Hatching Eggs: $8 each or $80 per dz

Chicks (up to 2 weeks old): $15

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