Bantam White Crested Polish

Bantam White Crested Polish

bantam-black-white-crested-frizzled-polish-alchemist-farm-sebastopol-ca Looking to ad some hilarity to your backyard flock? Look no further than these bantam white crested polish. When these birds run they REALLY run and their long hairdos go flying in the wind behind them.

blue-white-crested-bantam-polish-alchemist-farm-sebastopol-ca-2016 They are not particularly cuddly but they are extremely predator wise and safe for small children to be around. Our breeding group will produce chicks that will come in black, blue or mottled feathering types with the possibility of smooth or frizzled (just for extra hilarity) all topped with the classic white hairdo.

frizzle-black-white-topped-polish-alchemist-farm-sebastopol-ca They are loyal layers of 3/4 sized cream eggs to the tune of 4 a week. Their small bodies are easy on the landscape and they are excellent little foragers preferring wild bugs to grain if given the opportunity to run around.

Hatching Eggs: $8

Straight Run Chicks Up to Two Weeks of Age: $15