Here is a resource list of all of the questions that we are frequently asked. If you cannot find your answer here you can always email us at alchemistfarm@gmail.com

How does ordering chicks and hatching eggs work?

We begin accepting prepaid orders for chicks in January of each year. To be on our waiting list for either  chicks or hatching your order must be prepaid. Once on our waiting list you can specify a specific pickup or shipping time, we are used to be flexible with folks hatching/brooding schedules and can usually work with your timing. We fill orders in the order they came in and will always reach out to you via email before popping anything in the mail to you.

Come mid March/April we have typically worked through our waiting lists and have chicks as well as chicks more readily available for folks who are looking to pickup or have them shipped on the sooner side.

We stop hatching chicks come September but do offer fertile hatching eggs as long as the girls are laying.

We do not sell pullets or laying hens unless we have a special sale which is typically announced over our instagram and facebook accounts. To stay updated on all of our current sales and happenings on the farm we recommend following us on both platforms.

Do you have any adult laying hens for sale?

We do not sell any of our breeding or laying hens during the hatching season but sometimes we sell a limited number of each of our breeds as adults come September 1st. The birds will be one year of age at the time of sale so you will receive plenty of egg laying years from them. If we do offer a special sale come September on our adults they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. To be in the loop on the sales of adult hens follow us on instagram and facebook – the hens tend to sell out fast!

What makes you different from a large scale hatchery?

We wrote a great article that can be accessed here on our humane breeding and hatching practices which we are proud to be pioneers of.

Can I come for a farm tour? 

At this time we are NPIP certified and our flock is closed meaning we do not bring any new birds onto our property that could possibly infect our current chickens and spread disease. Disease can also be spread from other folks who own chickens from the bottom of their shoes, clothing and even hair! To protect our flock and your future chicks/pullets we do not allow folks to enter the farm. I know it can seem strange and unfriendly but please know that we take our flocks health seriously, when you pick up birds from us you can have the confidence that they came from healthy robust parents. When coming to pick up chicks or pullets we will meet you at our front gate, you can simply pull in front of our gate and off the road for ease.

The only exception to this rule is when we hold our educational workshops on the farm. On these days we supply shoe coverings for folks and guide them to our outdoor classroom.

How often are chicks available?

We begin incubating our fertile eggs late January and our first chicks are available for purchase come February. We incubate until September 1st of each year. If you are interested in securing a particular breed from a hatch let us know and you can prepay for them so they are held for you. Most folks like to buy chicks in the spring because nothing is more cute than a fresh fluffy chick around easter! It takes roughly 5 months for a chick to reach egg laying age so think about that when ordering your chicks. In our mind, purchasing chicks in late June is the best way to go about it because by the time spring rolls around your chicks will be full grown mature ladies ready to lay all spring and summer for you!

  We can hold chicks for up to two weeks for you at no extra charge.

How long do you guarantee the health of your chicks?

Once the chicks leave the farm we can guarantee their health for four days, after that if they pass away we cannot refund you for them. We give you a “caring for your baby chicks” instruction sheet when you pick your chicks up to help you give them the best possible start.

Do you vaccinate your flock?

We do not vaccinate our chicks, in 2016 we did vaccinate all of our breeding stock for MG, IB, Newcastle disease because our birds all get to free range on pasture. We have each of our birds tested by the state twice a year to be free of diseases so we know we are providing our customers with the healthiest birds possible.

We do not vaccinate for Mareks disease because the vaccine that small scale breeders like us have access to is one that is not as potent as those of larger scale hatcheries. The vaccine can offer a degree of protection for a flock but stress is the number one thing that can harm a flock. Mareks is everywhere in the soil and it can only take hold in a chicken if they have a weakened immune system. We do everything we can to ensure that our birds are healthy including fresh water, food, pasture and full sunshine daily. All our chicks and adult birds are given vitamins/electrolytes and a monthly apple cider vinegar “wormer” in their water monthly to make sure they are in good shape. None of our birds are put into breeding cages or pens, all breeds are kept in separate parts of our property in mobile chicken trailers so they can be moved to fresh pasture and free range in their zone without the issue of cross breeding.

Will You Vaccinate My Chicks

We do not vaccinate chicks to order because of all of the reasons listed above.

What Do You Feed Your Chickens

We feed our chicks and adult chickens unmedicated GMO free feed. Because the feed is unmedicated we supplement with vitamins and minerals in their water ever month which is essential for growing chicks and egg production. We also feed whey from our goats for extra protein and of course grass and bugs from the pasture!

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