Silkie & Cochin Cross

Silkie & Cochin Cross

bantam-frizzle-milue-fleur-chicken-alchemist-farm-sebastopol-california As breeders of fun poultry we get to have the pleasure of crossing some of our favorite breeds together. In 2017 we are offering a cross between our bantam Silkies and our bantam Mille Fleur Frizzle Cochin to create a marriage of compact cuteness with double the sweet personality. From this cross you can expect a fully feathered bird down to the toes with a pomp on the head and a curious personality.

multicolored-silkies-2016-alchemist-farm-sebastopol-ca The egg production will be moderate but worthy of a spot in your backyard flock at 4  3/4 sized eggs a week in the spring.

The feathering from this cross will yield you 50% chance of a frizzle chick and 50% of a sizzle chick – whatever you get it is going to be a cute and fun addition to your flock!

 Hatching Eggs: $5 each or $50 a dozen

 Straight run chicks: $15 each