Alchemist Blue Quail

Alchemist Blue Quail are a type of domesticated Coturnix quail and come in all feather types. Our line tends to lean heavily on the Tibetan feather type (pictured below). These quail breed 50% true in their blue egg laying ability, the birds that do not lay blue will lay brown speckled eggs like a traditional pharaoh coturnix.

During spring and summer these quail will lay 6 eggs a week, if given supplemental light they will lay year round. If no supplemental light is given they will taper off egg production in the fall as the days grow shorter and will pick back up again in the spring.

These quail can be raised for wither meat or egg production depending on the feed given to them. If 20% + protein is provided for the first 6 weeks of their lives they will grow to be plump and large. They will lay Jumbo sized eggs (4-5 a week) and will be ready to be processed between weeks 6-8. If wanting to raise quail for egg production we recommend providing 20% + protein for the first two weeks of their lives and then lowering their protein down to between 14-16% for the duration of their lives. The result will be smaller birds that lay regular sized quail eggs at the rate of 6 eggs a week.





Hatching Eggs are $2.50 each or $25 a dozen

Chicks are sold straight run up to 2 weeks of age and are $20 each and available only for pickup directly from the farm

alchemist_farmAlchemist Blue Quail