Ayam Cemani

The shadows have returned to the pastures of Alchemist Farm. These birds catch the eye of anyone who will visit your flock. Typically the question “is that a chicken?” will be asked along with “wait…  is that a crow?” these birds are otherworldly and have quite a bit of lore surrounding them. At the end of the day they will lay you a cream egg and a reasonable amount of them. Cold hearty, these birds can integrate into any flock and are quite friendly despite their shadowy look.

Ayam Cemani Chicks are sold straight run and under two weeks of age in the following two categories:

*Breeder quality – all black chicks from head to toe including black toe nails. $40 each

* Homestead quality – some white leakage in toe nails or on beak which will most likely not show when they grow up $20 ea

No hatching eggs will be available from this breed in 2018.