Coco Egger

We are constantly tinkering with our breeding groups genetics to see what interesting colors we can get our hens to produce. For 2020 we have a new and beautiful shade of coco that has emerged and we have decided to call the line of birds our Cocoa eggers!

Cocoa eggers are large sturdy birds that are black and sometimes blue in body type. They lay well in the colder months and will produce handsomely through the spring. They maintain the same lovely disposition that we aim for all of our breeding groups to have and they get along with all other breeds well.

The shade of brown these birds are producing is different from Marans eggs in that they do not have any red undertone. In the photo below you can see one Marans egg on top of the Coco eggers for comparison. Marans eggs are smooth and almost have a shine to them while our Cocoa eggers are matte and soothing to the touch. Occasionally these birds will lay with a heavy bloom over the top of the coco egg to create a shade that looks purple – these lovely birds are an ever evolving color project and oneway we hope to isolate the purple looking bloom – perhaps you will be one of the lucky few to receive the illusive purple looking egg!

Cocoa egger chicks are sold straight run, we cannot guarantee you the gender of your chicks. If your chicks grow up to be females their eggs will add a whole new layer of color depth to your daily egg collecting basket. Males will carry the cocoa gene for your future breeding projects if you are so inclined!


$20 per unsexed chick

We are not offering hatching eggs from any of our chicken breeds.

alchemist_farmCoco Egger