Ice Cream Bar

For the 2018 breeding season we have decided to let go of our purebred Isbar program. While it may sounds like blasphemy, there was sound logic in the decision. The Isbar (or Silverrudds Blue as some breeders call them) have a remarkably limited gene pool in the United States. After last years breeding program we could not find the proper genetics from other breeders to carry on our program so we let our hens go and kept our two favorite boys to create the foundation of our 2018 Ice Cream Bars which are a combination of Isbar and Cream Legbar. The pairing yields a beautifully simple hen with an extra feather or two on top of her head and anything from blue to green eggs.

The fantastic news about the Ice Cream Bar (other than their name of course) is the fact that they can be sexed at hatch so you can purchase and love your chicks in confidence knowing they will be hens!

Chicks are sold under two weeks of age:

Females: $20

Males: $5

No Hatching Eggs Will Be Available From This Breed