Meet Our Team

The Head Chicken Wrangler


Franchesca always knew she wanted to have chickens in her life. When her family moved to acreage in Sebastopol her flock expanded from 6 hens to the strong breeding program of today. Franchesca does not just like chickens, she LOVES chickens. When not wrangling her 3 1/2 year old or taking care of home life she is researching new poultry breeds. She believes that there is a chicken breed for every person, be it for beauty, companionship or fantastic laying ability. She works with a foundation of the best breeding stock and constantly breeds up to perfection with temperament at the forefront of her mind. She watches every bird on the land and only allows kind roosters to breed for future generations. The result is a rooster that protects the flock but is safe around children.

Franchesca is committed to educating anyone who is interested in learning about raising backyard chickens and is available for speaking engagements. Her enthusiasm and joy for what she does inspires others towards greater self reliance and sustainability.

The Patient Husband


Ryan grew up in Ohio and has farming in his bones. An Acupuncturist by day, Ryan devotes his free time to the veggie gardens and infrastructure that makes Alchemist Farm what it is. When Franchesca shared her vision of a heritage chicken breeding program he jumped on board and is always finding ways of improving pasture. So much has been accomplished in a handful of years and it is because of Ryan’s support and love of all things living.

The Littlest Farm Hand


Don’t let her size fool you, our littlest farm hand keeps up with the rest of us on a daily basis. When not having a chick in her pocket she gleefully and carefully collects the daily laid eggs. For her birthday last year a friend gave her a fuzzy chick stuffed animal, one might think she would be disinterested but it is her favorite. She is a chicken farmer through and through. Roosters respect all 37″ of her and hens come running for her, knowing full well that she often packs mealworm treats.

It is an honor to get to raise a child close to the land, teaching her about crop rotation, humane animal husbandry and healthy stewardship for a better tomorrow.


Our land protector Jorick ensures that no larger predators come onto the land, he is tender with all ages of our birds while maintaining strong boundaries along the fence lines. Occasionally a raccoon will slip by him but he keeps us bobcat free!