Olandsk Dwarf

Small chicken lovers meet the Olandsk Dwarf. Cute, compact, scrappy and unique! These are some surprisingly cold hearty birds, happily scampering about in the snow while producing small cream tinted eggs. The coloring is very pleasing to the eye, especially how it looks against their beautiful bright yellow legs. Olandsk Dwarfs are not bantams, they are a true small breed all on their own like the seramas.  They will happily roost in whatever tree is in the barnyard if not trained to the coop, males will stick to themselves while females will come up to humans for some interaction and the possibility of treats.

Surprisingly productive for their size, these birds make excellent mothers if they go broody. The hens size makes them especially good at hiding their nest of eggs, if you think you have lost a hen do not be surprised when one comes back with six chicks in tow!

 Straight run chicks under two weeks of age:  $25

No hatching eggs will be available of this breed in 2018