Free Male Chick – use to bring your order up to 10 chick minimum in cart.




Select this option to bring your shopping cart up to our 10 chick minimum. 🙂

If you are picking up and not wanting extra male chicks, please let us know in the notes section of checkout.

If your chicks are being shipped and you want the extra males for padding of your order then we will add whatever male chicks we have extra of on hand at the time of shipment when your other purchased chicks get put in the mail to you.

From February – June 1st we have a 10 chick minimum to ensure that the chicks will arrive safely to you, there are no chick order minimums if picking up from the farm. If 10 shipped chicks is more chicks than you want to order/pay for then you can select the “free male chick” option in our farm store to bring your order up to 10 chicks and pad it so your desired chicks have a safe journey. You will not be able to checkout of our farm store unless there are 10 chicks in your cart.

From June 1st through October 2020 the shipping minimum on chicks drops to 6 chicks but you will still need to have 10 chicks in your cart to be able to checkout. If you are only wanting 6 chicks sent to you then please fill the rest of your cart with the “free male chick” option to bring it up to 10 chicks and in the notes section of checkout let us know that you do not actually want the extra male chicks.