Individual Heritage Welsummer Hatching Egg


Interested in hatching some of our Heritage Welsummer chicks in your home? Add a few of these eggs to your order to get some fun speckles in your daily egg collecting basket.

Available dates for shipping / pickup

Please select an available date from the calendar below. Note that available dates are shown in green. We ship exclusively on Tuesdays and we offer pickups from the farm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday of each week.


We receive a 95% hatch rate on all of our hatching eggs here at the farm when we use our incubators. We cannot guarantee the hatch rate of shipped eggs because of postal handling as well as everyones individual hatching practices. We can guarantee that they will arrive intact. 🙂

We can fit up to 24 eggs into a shipping box for a flat rate of $25. For orders over 24 eggs we will charge for a second shipping box.

Homesteaders rejoice, you just found the ultimate all around sweet, no fuss chicken breed.

On the fence about what breed to add to your flock this year? Look no further than these beauties. New chicken keepers and

longtime homesteaders will both be pleased by the dynamism and intelligence of our Welsummers.

The Alchemist Line of heritage Welsummers is a culmination of seven years of selective breeding for large exaggerated speckling and interesting bloom. Our Welsummers are a fantastic addition to any flock not only for their personality and robust health, but mostly for the amazing depth they bring to the daily egg collecting basket. Each Welsummer hen lays a unique speckling pattern over her egg that is consistent throughout her laying life.