Individual Homesteaders Line Hatching Egg


A solid choice for those not particular about breed or pedigree.

Available dates for shipping / pickup

Please select an available date from the calendar below. Note that available dates are shown in green. We ship exclusively on Tuesdays and we offer pickups from the farm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday of each week.


New to the world of hatching and want to test out our hatching skills before investing in our pure breeds?

Our homesteader line of hatching eggs will produce robust, sweet birds that will lay a whole host of interesting shades. These hatching eggs are coming from birds that lay off shades from our pure breeds, they did not meet our standards for hatching for pure breeds.

Lovely sweet birds for an economical price.

We receive a 95% hatch rate on all of our hatching eggs here at the farm when we use our incubators. We cannot guarantee the hatch rate of shipped eggs because of postal handling as well as everyones individual hatching practices. We can guarantee that they will arrive intact. 🙂 

We can fit up to 24 eggs into a shipping box for a flat rate of $25. For orders over 24 eggs we will charge for a second shipping box.