Sage Egger Hatching Egg


Preorders For Fertile Chicken Eggs Will Open July 1st. Check Back Then!

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We will open our sales lists for fertile chicken hatching eggs on July 1st 2019. Check back then to be able to order these hatching eggs for shipment or pickup. There will be no minimums on egg orders and we can safely fit 2dz chicken eggs in a shipment box for the flat rate of $25.

This option is for individual sage egger hatching eggs.

Our sage eggers will produce an egg that is a lighter shade than our olive eggers so you can expand the rainbow in your daily egg collecting basket. Sage eggers are a hybrid unique to alchemist farm that combines a few different breeds to produce a hen that is the highest production bird we offer. They have lovely speckling over the top of their green and each hen lays a unique and dynamic speckling pattern.

Sage eggers will lay 6 – 7 eggs a week during the spring and have our signature sweet personality you have come to expect! Our sage eggers are a medium framed bird that will produce a regular sized egg.



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