Marans Individual Hatching Egg *Limit 12 per order*


Preorders For Fertile Chicken Eggs Will Open July 1st. Check Back Then!

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We will open our sales lists for fertile chicken hatching eggs on July 1st 2019. Check back then to be able to order these hatching eggs for shipment or pickup. There will be no minimums on egg orders and we can safely fit 2dz chicken eggs in a shipment box for the flat rate of $25.

This option is for ordering individual marans eggs, to ensure everyone can have their orders filled in a timely manner we are only able to offer 12 eggs per order but they are worth it!

Our marans lay a nice dark chocolate egg which at the height of the season a consistent 6 on the marans scale.

We are really excited about our Marans for the 2019 breeding program. After five years of tinkering we believe we have finally found the perfect balance of stunning dark chocolate egg color, high production and hen beauty. Our girls and boys are all feathered on shake and their outside toes. 90% of our females have nice copper expression in their necks and all have an excellent disposition. Our Alchemist Line of French Black Copper Marans are a mix of Bev Davis, Little Peddler and Wade Jean.







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