About Us

Who is Alchemist Farm?

We are a small family farm team headed up by Franchesca & Ryan Duval along with their two children in Northern California. We specialize in beautiful heritage and rare poultry. We offer fertile eggs for hatching as well as chicks of all of our breeds. We are pioneers of humane breeding and hatching, no male chicks are killed on our farm as they are at large scale hatcheries and all of our breeding groups are free to roam on their separate pastures. You will not find a breeding cage on our acreage.

As the farm slowly and sustainably expands our offerings we have welcomed some new folks onto the farm team we would love for you to meet! Everyone has a specialty who works at the farm.

Meet Franchesca! In addition to being the head chicken wrangler, she is the one who does all of our customer service. If you write to us with a question or place an order, she is the one helping you out. Franchesca also teaches our beginner and advanced chicken keeping classes in the spring.

Meet Ryan! Everyday there is something on the farm that needs fixing, tinkering and improving. Ryan is always looking for ways to streamline our infrastructure and make things run smooth as silk. He teaches our rooster/quail processing workshop held on the farm each spring.

Meet Carmen! Setting hatching eggs, sorting freshly hatched chicks and keeping tallies of how many of each breed we have available are her farm duties.

Meet Kris! He makes sure all of our breeding groups are well fed, watered and kept in good clean coops while smiling brighter than the sun!

Meet Lana! She is the one packaging the thousands of hatching eggs and chicks that leave our farm and make their way to you over the hatching season.

Meet the littlest farm hands! These two each have their own strengths when it comes to working with poultry. One favors collecting the eggs (in her little apron no less!) and the other is an expert chicken catcher should one need to be wrangled for any reason.

Last but never least, our dear Jorick. This handsome fellow keeps predators away day and night – protecting our many flocks that are separated over our acreage. He is also our greeter for the front gate, if you come to pickup chicks or hatching eggs from the farm directly you will certainly be seeing his smiling face.