Our Rare Breeds

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In January of 2016 we became NPIP certified (CA-448) which means all of our birds are tested free of diseases twice a year to insure that you are getting the healthiest new flock members possible. Participating in the NPIP program allows us to ship over state lines. We ship our hatching eggs, chicks and adult birds all over the United States.

Npip drawing blood on a marans hen alchemist farm sebastopol california
npip testing of marans flock alchemist farm sebastopol ca

Our small scale hatchery is currently producing the best specimens of rare breed chickens available and will continue to do from February until September when we close down our incubators for the year. If you are a previous customer of ours you can expect the same excellent quality birds and if you are a new customer of ours, welcome to the flock!

Franchesca Duval along with her husband Ryan, and daughter Trinity, 3, tend to the chickens on their family farm near Sebastopol Sunday, March 20, 2016. Alchemist Farm and Garden specializes in laying hens that produce a variety of colored eggs.Marcelo Defreitas board president of La Luz Center in Sonoma is known as one of the most effective fundraisers in Sonoma Valley.

We have done a humbling amount of research into the best breeders of high production unique egg laying hens as well as the most unique looking chickens. If you have chicken fever like we do then look no further, we are YOUR people!

Our 2018 Lineup Consists of The Following Breeds:

Crested Cream Legbar

French Black Copper Marans

Heritage Welsummer

Ice Cream Bar

Sage Eggers

Ayam Cemani

Black Partridge Silkie

Double Silver laced Barnevelder

Golden Laced Orpington

Olandsk Dwarf

Silked Serama

German Bielefelder

Coturnix Quail