We are taking a break from shipping until November 10th. 

 We will re-open our chick sales lists for 2021 mid November this year so check back then if you are after a particular breed for spring 2021. 

 We guarantee live arrival of all of our shipments of chicks. If any chicks do not make the journey in the mail from us to you please take a photo of the perished chicks inside of the shipping box so we can ID them for you and we will then issue you a chick credit for them towards a future purchase with us. Due to the issues with covid and shipping we are NOT shipping silkie, serama or quail chicks in 2020

Follow This Link For a Complete List of Our Recommended Chick and Hen Rearing Supplies

Fertile quail eggs will be shipping year round. We will not be offering fertile chicken eggs in 2020 or 2021