Double Silver Laced Barnevelder

If you are looking for a chicken that is easy, laid back and highly productive then this is the absolute no fuss breed for you. Year after year we are so impressed with how well these girls lay, how attentive the roosters are and how robust every chick is that comes out of this group. This breed slows down its production in the fall/winder months but still lays year round for us in Northern California without any supplemental night. Cold and heat tolerant, they are excellent choices for folks who live in weather extremes who are looking for beautiful additions to their flock.

Inquisitive and smart, these birds are good at foraging and problem solving, they always find their way home at the end of the day. They are rarely broody but if you do get a broody hen in your flock she will make an excellent mother – rearing her young and doing all of the work of raising baby chicks for you without any issues from the rest of the flock. In short, this is just an all around amazing breed of chicken.

 Extremely rare and beautiful, we are thrilled to be offering these birds to you all as one of our breeds in our 2023 lineup! We have our own line of Double Silver Laced Barnevelders we have named the “Alchemist Line” which you will find no where else in the United States. They are slightly larger than bantams and slightly smaller than a standard sized hen. If you have a smaller yard and space for your flock is an issue, this is a fantastic breed for you.

Alchemist Farm Double silver laced barnevelder

Our line of Double Silver Laced Barnevelders are smaller framed birds with fantastic genetic robustness. These birds lay smooth tan eggs and have an exquisite tight lacing pattern set over glossy feathers. We are a farm that is committed to creating robust healthy chicks, you can expect the same quality you have come to know from all of our birds from this beautiful line.

double silver laced barnevelders enjoying the pasture 2018

As with all of the breeds we work with, the personality on the Barnevelders is extremely docile around humans. The roosters are gentlemen with the hens and dutifully protect them from hawks.

Quick Breed Stats

Egg Color: cream 

Cosmetic Egg Bloom: sometimes the eggs can have a pink tint (eggs will always have the normal protective bloom when laid)

Egg Size: slightly larger than a bantam egg 

Egg Texture: smooth untextured 

Egg Production During Spring and Summer: high 5 eggs a week, will lay year round if given proper conditions

Meat Production: best for egg production, males are small but have some meat on them.

Heat Tolerance: very good if shade is provided

Cold Tolerance: very good if free from drafts. Use vaseline to prevent frostbite in winter for Roosters with large combs 

Disposition: extremely sweet, smart and curious. Will come running for treats.

Weeks to Maturity: 22

Free Range Ability: very high, very predator wise – roosters are excellent protectors of the hens.

Likelihood They Will Want To Hatch Eggs: low

Chicks Sold Straight Run: $25 each

alchemist_farmDouble Silver Laced Barnevelder