French Black Copper Marans

French Black Copper Marans

We are really excited about our Marans for the 2018 breeding program. After five years of tinkering we believe we have finally found the perfect balance of stunning dark chocolate egg color, high production and hen beauty. Our girls and boys are all feathered on shake and their outside toes. 90% of our females have nice copper expression in their necks and all have an excellent disposition. Our Alchemist Line of French Black Copper Marans are a mix of Bev Davis, Little Peddler and Wade Jean.

Marans egg on the far left with heritage wellsummer eggs to the right of it:

In height of production our girls lay 5 eggs a week that are at least a 6 on the egg color chart.

Marans-egg-chart alchemist farms sebastopol california

We are particularly fond of our Marans roosters who are not only stunning, they are extremely docile and trustworthy. Our roosters faithfully mate with our hens, always give them the first chance at food and are safe for small children to be around.

Our olive eggers are produced by our marans roosters over our cream legbar hens.

Whenever we sell a dozen mixed rainbow eggs to a customer they always comment on the Marans eggs first because of their beauty and size. The quality of their egg overall is superior to that of a regular hen. The shells are thick and hard and when cracked open, the yolk of our free-range birds is bright orange, bursting with vitamins, protein and fats from the extra time it took to lay the egg. While a typical store-bought egg has a yolk that is runny and flaccid, the free-range Marans produce yolks that have ‘muscle tone;’ little orange domes that jut skyward from the egg white. (Perhaps, for these reasons, the author Ian Fleming identified Marans eggs as those most preferred by James Bond.)


Hatching Eggs: $8 each or $80 a dozen

Chicks (up to 2 weeks old): $25

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