Community Support

       We know that we are beyond blessed with so much abundance of clean food, air, water and healthy animals. We show our gratitude for all that God has given us through community and global support. 


Every year we send out hundreds of hatching eggs for the cost of shipping to classrooms all over the united states to help inspire future farmers of tomorrow. We know that our teachers work HARD and are underpaid, we are grateful for the tireless work they do. Are you a teacher who has a hatching project? Reach out to us and let us get some eggs sent your way!


Every year we select one non profit we donate a portion of our proceeds to, in 2019 we selected the extremely worthy cause put forth by End 68 Hours of Hunger (details below).

In 2020 we joined the 1% for the planet family and through them every purchase helps to support the Children’s Eternal Rainforest ( We are inspired by the work of this organization because it was started by elementary school children who saw a need to protect the forest and rose to the occasion. Flash forward many years and their protected area of rainforest is now 50,000+ acres that supports the locals through conservation and educational jobs. There are many ways to protect our vital rainforests, the lungs of of our earth but this organization in particular has a pulse on the complexity of conservation in our changing world. They are also proof that no matter how big a dream may seem to a young mind, with enough focus and community support – it can become a reality. Every purchase made through us in 2023 goes in part to support them, if you feel called to donate more to their efforts please do!


We are committed to education and supporting our youth to be strong leaders of tomorrow. With elementary school aged children of our own we are inspired to give back to our community.

The issue of food scarcity for elementary school aged children has come to the forefront of our hearts and minds. Poverty in the United States is a larger issue than most of us realize because families and children in need feel the stigma of being poor and do not ask for help.

After some research we have decided to focus our efforts of community support through an amazing organization named End 68 Hours of Hunger. We chose this organization because it is making an amazing impact for how small it is.

 End 68 Hours of Hunger is completely volunteer run, every bit of money donated goes straight to feeding elementary school children who do not have food to go home to on the weekends. Many children in the US receive free breakfast and lunch through their schools but come the weekend they have 68 hours of hunger to endure. This organization equips every child identified in need with a backpack or bag they can take home so they have food to make it through the weekend.

 The organizers of 68 Hours of Hunger give all of us a few ways to support these children.

  1. You can donate directly to them and they will distribute the funds to groups that are already serving communities of children. Some communities have more children they serve than others and they need money to keep filling bags/backpacks to send the kids home with each week.
  2. You can start your own drop off site and pick a local school to help weekly. 68 Hours of Hunger provides excellent plans for how to start your own drop off site and help children right in your backyard that are invisible to most of us. The plans clearly outline how to prepare a backpack for a child with two breakfasts, lunches and dinners for between $5-$10 each weekend.

 Why are we so passionate about this?

We are a small family farm. What is the connection of breeding/hatching chickens and an organization like this? The answer is our children. In a world with so little we can control the one thing we feel we can help and put positive energy towards is food.

We know the power of nutrition and how it can sway the attention span, behavior and health of young children. Feeding children who are silently struggling over the weekends will have a lasting effect on how they perform in school. Education will help guide them toward a path away from poverty. Level blood sugar from having regular meals will lead to good behavior, keeping children out of detention and away from the stigma of “being bad”. No child should be punished for being hungry, so many issues can be stopped in their tracks with simple nutritional needs met.

We hope that you will join us in supporting this amazing non profit

Community support is an ongoing effort for us. We chose the name Alchemist for our farm because we are always transforming one thing into another on the land. Soil becomes pasture, pasture is food for the hens, the hens lay eggs, eggs turn into chicks, chicks turn into hens, the hens fertilize the soil and as the rain comes new pasture grows again and the cycle continues. We can apply this same idea to anything in our lives in our communities.

Will you become an alchemist with us? Will you help transform your local or national community into a place where young children are fed? We hope so!

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