Azure Eggers 2023 Line

These birds are a product of a special breeding project that is now 8 years in the making. The result is a breed that reveals its gender upon hatch so we can guarantee you females.

The genetic makeup of these birds consists of Welsummers, Cream Legbars, and Sage eggers. Every year the line shifts a bit in terms of egg color produced, our 2023 our line has shifted and the hens will be producing more dynamic and unique eggs that can range from blueish to greenish eggs, sometimes with speckling over the top. A small group of these birds will yield a fun and varied daily egg collection. The Azure eggers provide the complimentary lighter blue shade in the egg basket while our Sage eggers bring a lovely green that is a few shades darker with speckles.

Chicks are autosexing and follow the feather patterns of cream legbars as chicks: a white dot on the head means male and an unbroken chipmunk stripe down their back means female. Females can grow up to have little Mohawks or poofs on their heads.

Quick Breed Stats:

Egg Color: Blue to light green

Egg Bloom: not typically

Egg Size: Standard

Egg Texture: Very smooth

Egg Production During Spring and Summer: High 6 eggs a week 

Meat Production: Best for egg production, males have very little weight on them

Heat Tolerance: very good if shade is provided

Cold Tolerance: very good if free from drafts 

Disposition: More of a loner and forager but will come running for treats

Weeks to Maturity: 22

Free Range Ability: very high, very predator wise. 

Likelihood They Will Want To Hatch Eggs (broodiness): low

Noise level: Not particularly talkative. 

Female Chicks $25 each

Male Chicks $5 each


alchemist_farmAzure Eggers 2023 Line