You asked for them some years ago and we are so happy we heard you!

Silkies are back again for our 2021 lineup with more diverse in colors than ever.

Curious, quietly communicative and just plain entertaining, these are the birds that children and adults alike are drawn towards most. When we have family friends out to the farm the comments are always “what on earth is that?!” followed by, “can I pet one?”. They are the epitome of pet chickens and have an amazing ability to keep themselves clean if given the chance to free range or if they have access to a dust bathing box.

Loyal little egg layers, you can expect 4 cream eggs from them a week in spring that are 75% the size of a regular chicken egg. EXCELLENT mothers, these girls can go broody and will easily hatch out a clutch of fertile eggs. Once the chicks are hatched the mother hen tends to them with exceptional sweetness. Franchesca often jokes that if the apocalypse were to happen she would grab a handful of hatching eggs and a silkie because silkies can hatch out any chick out and raise it as their own – no electricity needed!

Silkie chicks never have the awkward chick phase of new feather growth that pretty much every other breed experiences. These fluffy creatures are cute from the first day of hatch well into old age. Worried about them in the rain? No need to be! When we experienced downpours the silkies are always out running around in the rain more than any other breed on the farm. The outer coat of fluff will get wet while their inner layers of downy goodness keeps them nice and toasty. They do well in climates that are chilly but would not like to be in the snow – they along with the serama are our least cold hearty breeds, every other breed we work with would do well in the snow.

black-silkie-roo-alchemist-farm-sebastopol-caOur breeding program in 2020 is focused on varied colored silkies, when ordering chicks you can make a note in the checkout section of a color preference for chicks if you have one. If the color you are after hatches on the week you have selected for shipping/pickup we will do our best to accommodate your request. Silkies are fantastic and darling no matter what color they are! Hatching eggs ordered will yield a fun variety of colors .


Straight run silkie chick up to two weeks of age: $20

We are not offering fertile hatching eggs on any of our chicken breeds.

This breed cannot be sexed at hatch, for that reason we sell our chicks straight run – there is a chance of receiving roosters when purchasing chicks.