German Bielefelder

World, meet the German Bielefelder. A sweet and docile auto sexing layer of large tan eggs.

German-Bielefelder-2Curious, friendly, and easy on the eye these birds are autosexing so we can guarantee you female chicks. This breed lays eggs like a hybrid commercial breed (230 eggs a year) only their eggs are larger and cream. Weighty on the breast, the males make for good meat birds and end up being more tender than American Bresse.

German-BielefelderPredator wise and smart – they are easy to train on any coop setup and know when to take cover if a bird of prey is checking them out. They are an absolute new favorite of ours and we know they will soon be a favorite of yours as well!



Females: $35 (Limit of 2 per order)

Males: $5

We are not offering hatching eggs from any of our chicken breeds.

alchemist_farmGerman Bielefelder