Heritage Welsummers Alchemist Line

Heritage Welsummers Alchemist Line

The Alchemist Line of heritage welsummers is a culmination of seven years of selective breeding for large exaggerated speckling and interesting bloom. Our welsummers are a fantastic addition to any flock not only for their personality and robust health, but mostly for the amazing depth they bring to the daily egg collecting basket. Each welsummer hen lays a unique speckling pattern over her egg that is consistent throughout her laying life.

An excellent base for any olive egger project, these birds are some of our favorite on the farm for what they bring to the rainbow egg basket we strive for!

After looking at our lineup of unique birds you may ask why we choose to include Welsummers in our breeding program. The quality of the Welsummer breed varies GREATLY when it comes to feathering and egg laying beauty. We choose to breed wellies  because no other chicken lays in quite the same pattern and with as high of frequency as they can!

Laying over 250 eggs a year, our line of Welsummers is a mix of four breeders from different states that have been carefully breeding their lines to produce this speckling effect while creating healthy and robust birds. We keep Welsummers in our general egg laying flock because they can easily compete with the laying ability of any rhode island red or pearl leghorn while maintaining a more docile personality.

As always, we also breed for temperament, any rooster you get from us if given the right conditions will grow up be polite and docile.

We cannot guarantee females of this breed


Chicks Sold Straight Run: $15 each

Hatching Eggs: $8 Each (Sales lists open July 1st 2020)

alchemist_farmHeritage Welsummers Alchemist Line