Alchemist Blue Chickens

We love having varied colors of birds in our flocks and the Alchemist Blue chickens rise to the occasion. These birds are very productive layers of blueish/greenish eggs. They are a hybrid we have created that leans heavily on Isbar influence. It is the temperament of the Isbar that we love to continue to breed and cultivate in this sex linked cross. These birds hatch out blue or black in feathering and are one of the few breeds we can guarantee as female upon hatch.

Their smaller frames make them one the most svelte group we work with on the farm and their feed to egg ratio is excellent. If given the proper care they will lay year round and are cold hearty. Everyone and again one of our females will have a fun little tuft of feathers on their head that looks like a little mohawk waving in the wind.

They are fantastic foragers, laid back and not particularly flighty. They are intelligent and will come home to roost in the coop without much fuss. The roosters are protective of their flocks without being aggressive to the hens or humans.

Alchemist Blue Females

If you are looking for a pop of bright blue/green in your egg basket along with curiosity and kind temperament these are the birds for you!

This breed is sex linked which means we can guarantee you female chicks upon hatch. In an effort to keep up with everyones orders in 2020 we are limiting the amount of female chicks to 3 per order. There are no limits on male chicks of this breed.

Female Chick $20  – limit 3 per order

Male Chick $5

alchemist_farmAlchemist Blue Chickens