Our farm and the unique work we do has been feathered in a number of wonderful publications and podcasts.

Each article is written differently and tells a sweet piece of our story. We are available for interviews and love to spread the word about beautiful egg colors, breeding chickens for temperament, humane hatching and a chickens value in reducing your carbon footprint. We are now the only chicken hatchery in the United States that runs on 100% clean renewable energy with 100% plastic free shipments.

Our farm and hatchery are zero waste, we believe we can shift the poultry industry one shipment and educational conversation at a time.

North Bay Business Journal 2023 Farmers Face Demand For Eggs/Chicks Amid Shortages 

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Big Picture Business Podcast (2020) Leading Your Business From The Heart (this is a good one!)

San Francisco Chronicle December 2020

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Acres USA March 2020 Cover

Heritage Acres Podcast interview on running a Zero Waste Farm December 2019

Hobby Farms December 2019 

Sunset Magazine May/June 2019(Best of the West)

New Food Economy April 2019

Chickens Magazine (May/June 2017)

Made Local Magazine April 2017 (cover)

Acreage Life March 2017 (cover story)

Press Democrat March 2016