Alchemist Egger

New for 2024 we are offering something new and fun

World, meet our Alchemist Eggers!

We are always listening to our amazing loyal customers for what they enjoy most in our birds. You all love the sweet temperament, the colorful eggs, the amazing egg laying ability, the climate resilience AND frizzled feathers!

We are combining all of your favorite attributes into one new chicken breed that is sure to bring you joy as they grow into adulthood and for many years to come. These are a standard sized bird so if you have been eyeing our frizzled bantam Cochins with longing but wishing they were bigger, our Alchemist Eggers are for you.

These amazing birds are based on our beloved moss and coco eggers with a new twist – every chick has a 50/50 chance of being frizzled AND females can lay colors ranging from speckled cream, blues, light greens, deep greens to coco browns. Each chick and adult they grow into is a true surprise, a constantly evolving possibility of feather and egg colors – hence their name. A flock of these birds alone will yield an incredible rainbow basket. One breed to rule them all? This just may be it! A little larger than a standard sized hen or roo, these birds can take high heat as well as low cold temperatures as long as proper shelter and support is provided. Our frizzle genes are from the lovely breeders at Sky Girl Farm and Open Gate Poultry, the genetic diversity on this group is vast making them robust amazing birds.

 Alchemist Eggers come in splash, blue and black feather colors with a 50/50 chance of being a frizzle.

 Each chick is sold straight run meaning each chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female.

Chicks $20 each 

alchemist_farmAlchemist Egger