Homesteaders Chicks

Not too particular about your chicken breeds or egg colors but want to support what we are up? Our Homesteaders line of chicks are a good fit for you. These are solid working breeds and cross breeds of birds we have on the farm. With robust bodies and egg laying ability at the forefront of our minds, these birds are great options for folks wanting to homestead.

The birds you will receive will still be bred from mild mannered birds with sweet temperaments. They are hatched from eggs that did not make the cut in terms of egg color for our usual breeding program.

For $120 (shipping included) or $80 picked up we will provide you with 10 chicks that will yield egg colors such as brown, creams, tans, greens. All the breeds will get along well in the barnyard and grow up to be beautiful.

The box will be 100% straight run chicks and will be very heavy on marans that will most likely lay lighter colored eggs – they all have the potential of laying darker shades of chocolate but they will be hatched from lighter colored eggs.

How does it work? We ship every Tuesday and also make chicks weekly available by appointment. We will offer you a shipping and or appointment date once your order has been placed.





Quick Breed Stats

Egg Color: Varied from light green, light brown.

Egg Bloom: rarely 

Egg Size: standard

Egg Texture: smooth

Egg Production During Spring and Summer: high

Meat Production: duel purpose, both males and females will have some meat on them. 

Heat Tolerance: moderate, needs shelter from the extreme heat.

Cold Tolerance: high

Disposition: laid back and sweet, these are some solid working birds that will get rid of bugs on  your land while providing you with eggs. 

Weeks to Maturity: 22

Free Range Ability: high, very predator wise

Likelihood They Will Want To Hatch Eggs: low

Box of 10 chicks $80

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