Homesteaders Box




In an effort to meet the rising demand of chicks from the covid-19 crisis we are offering a “homesteaders box” made up of chicks hatched from marans eggs that are lighter in color and other off color eggs that we would usually not hatch to maintain quality control with our egg color produced. This is a way to get chicks if you are not particular about the colors of eggs they lay but want chickens in your life to ensure food security.

Have you been eyeing our chickens and know that you would like some chicks but cannot make up your mind on the breeds? Let us choose for you.

For $170 (shipping included) or $120 picked up we will provide you with 10 chicks that will yield egg colors such as brown, creams, tans. All the breeds will get along well in the barnyard and grow up to be beautiful. The box will be 100% straight run chicks and will be very heavy on marans that will most likely lay lighter colored eggs – they all have the potential of laying darker shades of chocolate but they will be hatched from lighter colored eggs.

How does it work? We ship every Tuesday and also make chicks weekly available by appointment. We will offer you a shipping and or appointment date once your order has been placed.