Chick Probiotic/Electrolyte mix



Shipping can be a stressful time for chicks. We pack each of our boxes of shipped chicks with the utmost of care. They have a cozy reed mat to dig their little talons into along with a 72 hour heat pack for comfort and gro gel to act as nourishment and hydration for the journey.

Even with all of this it is good to provide the chicks with an extra boost when you receive them after their journey. This pack of chick probiotic/electrolyte mix will make one gallons worth of water which will support a flock of 12 for one month. Simply mix 1/2 teaspoon of the powder into a quart jar and refresh the water once they have drunk it down. The mix of probiotics, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals will help them develop healthy gut flora and fauna so they are more resistant too diseases as they age.