Climate Resilient Breeds

We breed for healthy robust birds, even temperament, gorgeous egg colors, strong egg laying ability and also climate resilience. As we see summers getting hotter and winters getting cooler we are working with our flocks to take the heat and cold. As long as you provide secure shelter from wind chill in the winter and shade/plenty of cool water in the summer this list of breeds will hold up to extreme climates.

  1. Moss Eggers
  2. Sage Eggers
  3. Azure Eggers
  4. Alchemist Blues
  5. French Black Copper Marans
  6. Double Silver Laced Barnevelders
  7. Heritage Welsummers
  8. Olive Eggers
  9. Isbar 
  10. Homesteaders
alchemist_farmClimate Resilient Breeds