Predator Aware Breeds

Do you deal with predators on the land and in the air? So do we! It seems every creature great and small loves the taste of chicken and keeping our flocks safe is something we are constantly aware of.

We are careful when we select our breeding groups to focus of what breeds are predator aware. Some roosters are better at alerting the hens of arial attacks than others – those gentlemen get to pass on their genetics for future generations of birds. Breeding for predator awareness is a long process but we have some breeds that are now riding that perfect line of being comfortable around humans while also being aware of their natural surroundings so they do not fall prey to an attack.

The following are breeds that are extremely aware or what is going on in the air and on land around them:

  1. Azure eggers
  2. Heritage welsummers
  3. Moss Eggers
  4. French Black Copper Marans
  5. Bantam Cochins
  6. Sage Eggers
  7. Alchemist Blues
  8. German Bielefelders
  9. Isbar
  10. Homesteaders


alchemist_farmPredator Aware Breeds