Swedish Isbar

Many years ago, this breed was one of the breeds that started it all for us. They are the only pure breed of chicken that lays a naturally green tinted egg. All other green egg layers are hybrids that folks have created. The Swedish Isbar also has the ability to put purple speckles over top of their green eggs making them an excellent layer for the daily egg collecting basket.

Recently renamed “Silverudds Blue” by a group of breeders focused on preserving the breed, they can be called by either name as the man who created them has long since passed away. We worked with this breed in the early years of our hatchery and had to put them on the back burner until we could find fresh genetics to mix with our line to ensure that robust and strong disease resistant chicks would hatch. In 2019 we found the fresh blood we were looking for and paired it with the original line of birds we had been carefully stewarding all these years. We are so pleased to be able to bring them back in all their glory for 2021 because they are a truly special, heritage breed of hen that is worthy of being in anyones flock.

They are a smaller framed bird that lays generously sized eggs, usually year round of given the proper conditions. Their eyes can be pure black or black with a golden ring and they have a deep soulful gaze about them. They are confident in what they are and are a true relaxing delight to have in the flock.

These rare and beautiful birds come in three feather colors: blue, black and splash.  We are proud to have all three varieties available for purchase. The hens are scrappy foragers that will require less grain than the typical hen if allowed to roam on a pasture. They will produce 200-230 green eggs a year that you and your friends will enjoy the beauty of.

We work exclusively with the first generation import of Isbar and have secured genetics that produce chicks free of immunity issues.

End up with a rooster and don’t know what to do with him? If you have the ability to keep him and want to breed him with your hens here is a chart offering what colors of chicks you can expect to see based on your current colors of chickens:

blue breeding chart for isbars alchemist farm


Hens 5-6  Lbs
Roosters 7-8 Lbs
Color Of Eggs: Green, Moss Green, Greenish Blue
Size Of Eggs: Medium to Large
Quantity Of Eggs: Very Prolific Layer, Especially In Cold Climates
Temperament: Extremely Docile and Friendly
Dual Purpose Breed (Meat): No
Origin: Sweden

Morning Feeding With The Hens

blue and splash isbar alchemist farm sebastopol california

Blue, Black and Splash Isbar Chicks


Straight Run Chicks: $25 Each.

We are not offering fertile hatching eggs on any of our chicken breeds.