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Who is Alchemist Farm?

We are a small family farm team in Northern California. We specialize in beautiful chickens that lay fun and unique egg colors to add depth to your daily egg collecting baskets. In maintaining our commitment to a more sustainable planet, the farm and hatchery now run on 100% solar power and all of our shipments are 100% plastic free. Learn more about our one of a kind humane breeding and hatching program as well as our commitment to giving back to our communities here!

Thank you for your interest in supporting us.

The minimum order for shipped chicks from February-June is 10 to guarantee live arrival. From June – the summer and early fall the minimum order for shipped chicks is 6. If that is more chicks then you were planning on ordering, we can pad your order with free male chicks to keep your ordered chicks warm and safe for their journey.

Shipping for chicks is express flat rate of $60 for up to 75 chicken chicks. If wanting to place an order for 30 chicks and above send us an email for our wholesale pricing.

Farm pickups of chicks are always free and there are no minimum numbers of chicks needed though we do recommend at least 2 so you do not have a lonely chick.

Fertile Chicken Eggs are offered in late Fall through November each year, shipping is a flat rate of $30 for up to 2dz chicken eggs. Farm pickups are free.

We ship orders out every Tuesday morning and offer farm pickups for locals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday each week by appointment. When selecting farm pickup you will be able to book a pickup day and time for your chicks.

We have a great FAQ page as well as beginning chicken keeping tips page to answer any of your questions, we look forward to seeing you and helping your flocks grow in 2024!

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Educational Workshops

Join us for our one of a kind chicken and quail keeping digital classes offered year round. Participants of the classes will be invited to participate in a live Q and A offered 4 times a year over zoom to get their individual questions answered.

Farm News

Preparing Your Backyard Chicken Flock for a Cozy Winter: Nutrition, Coop Retrofitting, and Soil Health

As winter approaches, it’s essential to ensure your backyard chicken flock is well-prepared to face the challenges of colder temperatures. With proper care and attention, you can provide your sweet flock with a comfortable and healthy environment throughout the winter months. In this blog, we’ll explore key steps to help you prepare your backyard chickens

Low Egg Production in The Summer Months

As the scorching sun embraces us during these summer days, you might have noticed that our lovely hens seem to be taking a little break from their egg-laying duties. Lower egg production is not a cause to worry, it’s a natural phenomenon during this time of year and here is why: 🔥 Heat Stress: Just

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Recognizing and Caring for a Broody Hen in Hot Weather: Essential Tips for Poultry Keepers Broody hens play a vital role in natural poultry reproduction, exhibiting a strong maternal instinct and a desire to hatch eggs. However, when the hot summer months arrive, broody hens can face unique challenges that require special attention from poultry

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