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Who is Alchemist Farm?

We are a small family farm team in Northern California. We specialize in beautiful chickens and quail that lay fun and unique egg colors to add depth to your daily egg collecting baskets. In maintaining our commitment to a more sustainable planet, the farm and hatchery now now run on 100% renewable clean energy! Learn more about our one of a kind humane breeding and hatching program as well as our commitment to giving back to our communities here!

We are open and continuing to fulfill orders for shipment and pickup through the Covid-19 crisis. 

 Once your order has been placed you will be able to select a date for shipping. If picking up from the farm you will also need to select a “shipping date”, instead of shipping we will know that date is the preferred week you would like to pickup the chicks. 

The minimum order for shipped chicks from February-June is 10 to guarantee live arrival. From June – October the minimum order for shipped chicks is 6. If that is more chicks then you were planning on ordering, we can pad your order with free male chicks to keep your ordered chicks warm and safe for their journey.

Shipping for chicks is express flat rate of $50 for up to 75 chicken chicks and or quail chicks. Farm pickups are always free. If wanting to place an order for 30 chicks and above send us an email for our wholesale pricing. Farm pickups are always free and there are no minimums

The shipping cost for quail eggs is $25 we can fit up to 5 dozen quail eggs per shipping box.

We are no longer offering fertile chicken eggs for shipment or pickup.

We ship orders out every Tuesday morning and offer farm pickups for locals everyday of the week by appointment. When selecting farm pickup you can consider the shipping date you select to be the pickup date.

We have a great FAQ page to answer any of your questions, we look forward to seeing you and helping your flocks grow in 2020!

Educational Workshops

Join us for our one of a kind chicken and quail keeping classes offered a few times a year on our farm. Space is limited, click here to learn all about our individual classes and upcoming dates!

Farm News

A Diary Of Color

🌿A Diary Of Color🌿 . Every season our rainbow shifts as we work with new generations of our various lines of birds. Speckles change shape, saturation of blues and greens deepen or lighten and sometimes even the size of eggs can shift. 🌿 Currently our largest eggs are laid by our Olive Eggers. Their eggs

The Most Patient Chicken

🌿The Most Patient Chicken🌿 . Over the next few weeks here I am going to be highlighting each of the 13 breeds we work with on our farm. There are hundreds of types of chickens out there in the world. Large, small, robust, demure. We believe that there is a chicken breed for everyone just

The Beauty In-between

🌿The Beauty In-between🌿 . In a world obsessed with uniformity and perfection it is the “imperfection” that catches my eye.  🌿 The in-between sizes, the different colors and textures are all opportunities to create something new. For years I wished I could paint, sketch or draw. I longed to create art but did not have