Moss Egger Chick


These birds come in three feather colors, blue, black and white with black spots (not true splash)

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Please select an available date from the calendar below. Note that available dates are shown in green. We ship exclusively on Tuesdays and we offer pickups from the farm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday of each week.



   Chicks are sold straight run meaning we cannot guarantee you female chicks.

Each chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female.

The 2022 group of Moss Eggers has merged with our 2021 group of Coco eggers to create hens that are laying the unique moss green as well as matte brown like the image below. The 2023 line of moss eggers lay all sorts of earth tones found in a forest hens have a 90% chance of laying a green egg and a 10% chance of laying a brown egg. A group of these birds will lay a stunning and dynamic basket all on their own, each egg being a deep rich saturated color.

Our moss eggers are one of our few breeds that will lay eggs with a gorgeous thick bloom over the top giving the green eggs the illusion of being silver or grey and the brown eggs the illusion of purple or pink.

If you are looking for a for sure bet on green colored eggs, go for our olive eggers. Olive eggers will lay 100% green in a slightly lighter shade then the moss eggers and a darker shade then the sage eggers. 🙂

Robust and strong birds, we affectionally call them the Clydesdales of the farm. Their wide stance, feathered legs and bold heavy breasts make them a solid duel purpose choice. Docile, curious, attentive, they have every base covered you would hope a chicken would. These birds come in white with black flecks, blue and black feather types.