Moss Egger Chick


Please see the note on possible brown eggs in the description below.

If you are looking for guaranteed dark green eggs to add to your basket consider our beautiful olive eggers.

These birds come in three feather colors, blue, black and white with flecks (not true splash)



   Chicks are sold straight run meaning we cannot guarantee you female chicks.

Each chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female.

Meet our Moss eggers. Not quite green, not quite brown, interesting flecking and matte feel over the shell of the egg – these chickens provide a fun color to give more depth to your daily egg collecting. The 2021 group of Moss Eggers has hens that are laying the unique moss green and also hens that are laying a matte brown like the image attached. When ordering these chicks, if you receive a female it will have the 50/50 chance of laying green or brown. If you are looking for a for sure bet on green colored eggs, go for our olive eggers 🙂

Robust and strong birds, we affectionally call them the Clydesdales of the farm. Their wide stance, feathered legs and bold heavy breasts make them a solid duel purpose choice. Docile, curious, attentive, they have every base covered you would hope a chicken would. These birds come in white with black flecks, blue and black feather types.


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