Sage Eggers 2021 Line

Our Sage Eggers are one of our most versatile groups we work with on the farm.

They are one of our signature breeds that we brought to market in 2015 and they will continue to be offered for years to come because they are fantastic layers.

We love our sage eggers for the wide range of egg colors and speckling patterns they can produce. True workhorses of the flock, they produce 6-7 eggs a week in spring and continue to lay strong through the summer and fall. Predator wise and intelligent, these birds know their way around the barnyard and are excellent foragers.

These beauties lay green eggs that have anything from gentle white speckling over top to dramatic brown spots – every hen is unique in her laying pattern and will continue to lay in that pattern throughout her life.

Our sage eggers will produce an egg that is a lighter shade than a typical olive egger, their eggs will help you expand the rainbow in your daily egg collecting basket. Sage eggers are a hybrid unique to alchemist farm that combines a few different breeds to produce a hen that is the highest production bird we offer.

The roosters are stunning and cause everyone to stop and ask what breed they are. Hens have lovely sweet personalities and the roosters are excellent with the hens. Sage eggers are a medium framed bird that will produce a regular sized egg.


Straight run Sage Egger Chick $15

We are not offering fertile hatching eggs on any of our chicken breeds.

alchemist_farmSage Eggers 2021 Line