Term and Conditions

  • I have read the FAQ before sending the Alchemist Team a question via email. I understand that the team does their best with customer service and also has limited hours to answer questions. If my question is answered in the FAQ they will not answer it via email. All other questions they will respond to in a timely manner.
  • I understand that chicken breeds listed as “straight run” are not guaranteed female chicks. Each straight run chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female. If my chicks turn out to be male, Alchemist Farm cannot take them back or replace them. If I need guaranteed female chicks I will purchase breeds listed as guaranteed female.

* I have read the arrival and care guide for our chicks

  • If this is my first time raising and ordering chickens I have read the New Chicken Keepers section of the Alchemist Farm website for guidance.
  • I understand that from February-June 1st If my chicks are being shipped to me I need to have 10 chicks in my order to guarantee live arrival. If I have less than 10 chicks in my order, the Alchemist Team will pad my order with free male chicks to bring my order up to 10 chicks. There is no minimum order needed for chicks being picked up from the farm.
  • If my order is shipping from June-October, the minimum shipment number to guarantee live arrival is 6 chicks and I will need at least 6 chicks in my order. If I do not have 6 chicks in my order then the Alchemist Team will pad my order with free male chicks to bring my order up to 6 chicks. There is no minimum on chicks being picked up from the farm.

* Alchemist Farm never purposely puts male chicks into orders unless they are requested. The Alchemist Team wants everyone to end up with hens but the gender of straight run chicks are not revealed until about 6 weeks of age.

* I understand that Alchemist Farm will not replace straight run breeds that grow up to be male with female chicks. I understand that they will not take back any birds once they leave the farm because of their biosecurity they need to maintain.

* I understand that If I end up with ALL roosters of a breed I order then I can send a photo to the Alchemist Team and they will make it right with replacement chicks.

* I understand that if Alchemist Farm does their utmost best to ship chicks in a safe manner. If it is unsafe for my chicks to be shipped on a given week they will reach out to delay my shipment until it is safe to ship. If my chick box is delayed or mistreated by the USPS and chicks perish in transit I will be given a chick credit for the amount I originally paid for my chicks. My chick credit will be good for 2 years from the time it is issued and it can be given away to someone else if I would like.

  • I understand that if I cancel my order before it ships or is picked up I will receive 90% of my money back. The cancelation is subject to a 10% service fee.
  • I understand that if I want to change my order and swap out breeds I will be subject to a $10 convenience fee and that may shift my shipment/pickup date.
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