Moss Egger

Alchemist Farm Moss Eggers are coming back for 2020

most-eggerWe brought this beautiful and unique line of layers out for sale in 2019 and were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from them. They are given their name for the color of the moss that grows on the oak trees on our land. Not quite green, not quite brown, with interesting flecking and matte feel over the shell of the egg. These chickens provide a fun color to give more depth to your daily egg collecting. The 2020 group of Moss Eggers has hens that are laying the unique moss green and also hens that are laying a matte brown like the image below. When ordering these chicks, if you receive a female it will have the 50/50 chance of laying green or brown. If you are looking for a for sure bet on green colored eggs, go for our olive eggers 🙂


Large, docile, friendly, these are some robust birds that can be used for duel purpose if you are looking to close the loop on your protein sources and grow your own chicken for meat.

In October of 2019 our breeding flock suffered a massive and devastating attack from a neighbors dog. We know that you all were excited to be able to order this breed in large numbers in 2020 but it will take a while for us to build the flock back up to the place where it was set to be for the 2020 season. Due to the low number of hens of this breed in our breeding flock we will only be able to offer 1 straight run chick per order if your order is scheduled for shipment/pickup from February-May. Come April we will reassess and see if we can raise that number to more chicks per order in May. Thank you for your patience with us as we rebuild our flock alongside with fulfilling your orders – we are grateful for your support!



most-egger-4This group is not able to be sexed upon hatch, each chick is sold straight run meaning we cannot guarantee you female chicks.

Straight Run Chicks $20.00 each

We are not offering fertile hatching eggs on any of our chicken breeds.

alchemist_farmMoss Egger