Alchemist Blue Male Chick 2024 Line


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This is for the male chick option of this breed.

Quick Breed Stats

Egg Color: blueish greenish

Feather color: blue or black with silver lacing in the neck

Egg Bloom: cosmetic bloom that changes the color of the egg is rare but a protective bloom is always present

Egg Size: standard

Egg Texture: matted

Egg Production During Spring and Summer: high 5 eggs a week

Meat Production: best for egg production, males have some meat on them.

Heat Tolerance: very good if shade is provided

Cold Tolerance: very good if free from drafts. Use vaseline to prevent frostbite in winter for Roosters with large combs

Disposition: laid back and very curious. Will come running for treats.

Weeks to Maturity: 22

Free Range Ability: very high, very predator wise – roosters are excellent protectors of the hens.

Likelihood They Will Want To Hatch Eggs: low

Back for 2024, we are pleased to offer these beautiful mild mannered birds, now able to be sexed!

We love having varied colors of birds in our flocks and the Alchemist Blue chickens rise to the occasion. These birds are very productive layers of blueish/greenish eggs. They are a hybrid we have created that leans heavily on Isbar influence. It is the temperament of the Isbar that we love to continue to breed and cultivate in this unique bird. These birds hatch out blue or black in feathering.

Their smaller frames make them one the most svelte group we work with on the farm and their feed to egg ratio is excellent. If given the proper care they will lay year round and are cold hearty. Every now and again one of our females will have a fun little tuft of feathers on their head that looks like a little mohawk waving in the wind.

They are fantastic foragers, laid back and not particularly flighty. They are intelligent and will come home to roost in the coop without much fuss

If you are looking for a pop of bright blue/green in your egg basket along with curiosity and kind temperament then these are the birds for you!