About Us

Who is Alchemist Farm?

  We are a husband, wife and daughter family farm team in Northern California that specialize in beautiful heritage and rare poultry. We offer fertile eggs for hatching as well as chicks of all of our breeds. Come July each year we offer a handful of year old adult laying hens.

Franchesca Duval along with her husband Ryan, and daughter Trinity, 3, tend to the chickens on their family farm near Sebastopol Sunday, March 20, 2016. Alchemist Farm and Garden specializes in laying hens that produce a variety of colored eggs.Marcelo Defreitas board president of La Luz Center in Sonoma is known as one of the most effective fundraisers in Sonoma Valley.                                                       Photo of the Duvals courtesy of Jeremy Portje

We recently had a fantastic article written about us in our local paper which tells our story well! Follow the link here to enjoy the full article on the farm. 

For expanded bios of each of us and our newest team members follow this link.


We currently have an ever expanding breed program of heritage chickens, three goats, and one dog .

Our Handsome Acreage Protector and companion, Jorick