We currently have all breeds available that are listed on the website in the form of hatching eggs and chicks from now until September. We are not offering any pullet or adult hen sales in 2018.

We ship all orders of hatching eggs and chicks Tuesday mornings. Any orders needing to be shipped on a tuesday must be made and 5pm on the previous Sunday.

There are no minimums for shipped eggs, the shipping/handling cost is a flat $20 for up to 2dz eggs anywhere in the US.

For shipped chicks we have a minimum of 10 to guarantee live arrival. If 10 chicks is more than you wanted to order we can pad your order with free male cream legbars or one larger chick (about 2 weeks older than the rest that can still be safely brooded with your fresh hatchlings) so that all chicks have a safe journey from us to you. Shipping for chicks is a flat rate of $45 for express and all the comforts to give them a safe journey.

Our farm is not open to the public due to needing to maintain good biosecurity for the health of our flocks and our NPIP certification. We are however open for egg and chick pickup appointments if you are local and would like to pick your new flock members up. The easiest way to get the process started is to make an order through our online store on this website. You can either prepay for your eggs/chicks at that time through paypal or select “check payment” and pay with cash or check made out to Alchemist Farm when you come for your pickup appointment. Pickup appointment days are Wednesdays from 10-1 and Saturdays from 10-5pm. We offer pickup appointment time slots in 15 minute increments and will email/call you to schedule once we receive your order.


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