French Blue Copper Marans

French Blue Copper Marans


Love the dark rich chocolate egg color of the French Black Copper Marans but want some more color in the feathering of your flock? The French Blue Copper Marans are a stunning new bird that we are working with here on the farm.  They produce the same quality dark eggs you have come to expect only they are blue in feathering. All of our Blue Coppers have feathers on shank as well as feet and have excellent copper cape feathers. Our French Blue Copper Marans are from the Wade Jeane line and are crossing into our Little Peddler line.


The roosters have that same docile temperament of the French Black Copper Marans and are very graceful as they walk about the barn yard. Safe around children, they love treats but do not peck at hands or feet.



Hatching Eggs: $8 each

Chicks (up to 2 weeks old): $25

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