Swedish Isbar

Blue Isbar Hens Alchemist Farm Sebastopol

We love this breed because it is a rather small chicken that lays a generously sized green to bluish egg. They are excellent year round producers that are remarkably personable. At just four weeks of age they will come running across the chick tractor to greet us and the adults are all very laid back.  The feathering is unique and they are very easily handled.

Isbar Hatching Eggs Alchemist Farm Sebastopol California

How often do you see a naturally green egg? The Isbar is the only pure breed of chicken that lays an egg that varies in shades of green from dark olive to lighter moss green. Some of our girls even lay a green egg with purple speckling. These rare and beautiful birds come in three feather colors: blue, black and splash. We here at Alchemist Farm are proud to have all three varieties available for purchase. The hens are scrappy foragers that will require less grain than the typical hen if allowed to roam on a pasture. They will produce 180-200 green eggs a year that you and your friends will enjoy the novelty of.

We work exclusively with the first generation import of Isbar and have secured genetics that produce chicks free of immunity issues that have nice dark eyes, clear feathering and most importantly, lay beautiful eggs.

End up with a rooster and don’t know what to do with him? If you have the ability to keep him and want to breed him with your hens here is a chart offering what colors of chicks you can expect to see based on your current colors of chickens:

blue breeding chart for isbars alchemist farm


Hens 5-6  Lbs
Roosters 7-8 Lbs
Color Of Eggs: Green, Moss Green, Greenish Blue
Size Of Eggs: Medium to Large
Quantity Of Eggs: Very Prolific Layer, Especially In Cold Climates
Temperament: Extremely Docile and Friendly
Dual Purpose Breed (Meat): No
Origin: Sweden

Morning Feeding With The Hens

blue and splash isbar alchemist farm sebastopol california

Blue, Black and Splash Isbar Chicks

Isbar chicks with eggs

Splash Isbar Hens

splash isbar hens alchemist farm

Splash Isbar Rooster

splash isbar rooster alchemist farm


Hatching Eggs: $8 Each

Chicks (up to 2 weeks old): $25 each (straight run)

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