Sage Eggers

Sage Eggers

There are many reasons why we choose to work with the breeds we do here on the farm and one of our favorites is the wide range of egg colors they can produce. We are proud to continue to be offering our sage eggers in 2018. These beauties lay green eggs that have anything from a white speckling over top to purple sprinkles – every hen is unique in her laying pattern.

Our sage eggers will produce an egg that is a lighter shade than a typical olive egger, they help you expand the rainbow in your daily egg collecting basket. Sage eggers are a hybrid unique to alchemist farm that combines a few different breeds to produce a hen that is the highest production bird we offer.

Sage eggers will lay 6 – 7 eggs a week during the spring and have our signature sweet personality you have come to expect! Our sage eggers are a medium framed bird that will produce a regular sized egg.

 Hatching eggs: $5 each or $50/dz (eggs will be light brown when you receive them).

Straight Run Chicks Up To Two Weeks of Age: $10