The worlds smallest Chicken

Whats cuter than the worlds smallest chicken breed? Why, the worlds smallest chicken breed with silked feathers of course! Introducing, the silked serama, the ULTIMATE pet for any chicken lover who has a small space to work with or for those of us who dream of having little house chickens fluffing about the house. Demure in disposition while boasting high beauty. These birds hold up well with all of our breeds if put in a mixed flock but really do make a darling group all of their own.

If you have been wanting silkie chickens but have been turned off from the fuzzy legs and feet this will be your dream breed. We will be offering our silked serama in limited quantities in the following colors: white, partridge and grey. Hatching them is a we bit trickier than smooth feathered seramas and it is for that reason we are not offering hatching eggs from our serama this year.


Chicks Sold Straight Run up to two weeks of age: $25 each


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