Bantam Cochin

Bantam Cochins


 Cuteness abounds with these sweet compact birds.

   Bantam Cochins are an excellent choice for any 4h project or family looking for a small to midsize hen to ad to their backyard flock. Excellent mothers, they are a docile, curious and loving breed that are not particularly talkative.


We have been enjoying the look of their little round bodies complete with leg and foot feathering gliding over the grasses. They are surprisingly productive little hens, laying 5 dark cream (and sometimes speckled) eggs a week without any nesting frills. The roosters are proud little gentlemen with full chests and handsome feathering. Roosters have a crow that matches their little bodies, they will wake up with the dawn but will not continually crow like other breeds.


Here on the farm we work with three feathering colors of cochin: blue, black and splash. All colors are equally beautiful and the personality of the hens/roos are the same regardless of feathering. We like to have a nice mix of colors in our flock because they are each so fun to look at!


Some bantam and micro breeds are fragile or sensitive but that is not the case with these darling birds, they are robust and quite sturdy. Easily held by little hands, if they slip from a gentle grip they always land on their feet and go happily clucking about the yard.

Hatching Eggs: $8 each or $80 dozen

Straight Run chicks up to 2 weeks of age: $15