May Farm Update

Farm Update
The Birds: Our long winter has provided us with lush gorgeous pastures for all of the birds. All 13 of our breeding groups are happy, healthy and laying strong. We have had a mild week of weather and now it looks like we are heading straight into summer with temperatures over 85 degrees. As things warm up we like to give all of the birds an electrolyte/probiotic boost to help them feel comfortable as they transition into the longer warmer days. We do a double take of all of our automatic watering systems to make sure they are functioning perfectly so everyone stays hydrated in the coming weeks and months.
Caring for the flocks in this way is a holistic approach, we look at our farm as a whole living organism of land, birds, and humans. We think three or four steps ahead in our everyday to ensure the birds comfort. If they are stress free then they are stronger and more resilient to the big temperature swings we may see as well as whatever else nature sends our way this year! Last week we opened up all of the ventilation on the coops to ensure everyone is comfortable and we are also seeing a lot of signs of broodiness from the hens. There is lots of big mama energy happening on the land right now. 🙂
Humans: we are are entering the last month of school and preparing for summer break. We know many of you will be traveling with your families and most likely not thinking about raising chicks in the next two months. Before summer break hits take some time to do a little flock planning for the fall. Now is a good time to order chicks for late summer/fall when your littles return to school. Currently we have availability of all of our breeds including our Alchemist Blue Females which have been sold out for a bit here. We LOVE raising chicks in heat of late summer and fall because it is naturally warmer for them and they grow up over the winter months when full grown hens take their laying break. Come spring of 2024 your chicks will have fully grown and will be ready to lay eggs for your family.
Staying home for the summer and ready to dig into your homesteading dreams? It is finally warm enough to put in a garden and work on your coop! We are still hatching chicks weekly and offering them for local pickup as well as shipping. We have hatches on the following dates: May 30th, June 6th, June 20th, June 27th, July 11th, July 25th and beyond until Halloween this year.
We hope the warm weather is bringing you all joy and a boost of vibrant energy.
alchemist_farmMay Farm Update

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