Ecological Business Consulting

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One on one Business Consulting to Create A Thriving World

We have taken our home and business from a wasteful place to one of stewardship, we would be honored to help you do the same. Franchesca has the ability to look at any business, large or small and help identify the issues of waste that need addressing. She can help develop the language around how you speak about your new ecological accomplishments and will guide you in how that will translate to healthy genuine marketing of your business.

The world we live in is rapidly changing. We do not have to look very far to see examples of ecological distress, much of it caused by how humans interact with the natural world. Plastic filling our oceans, landfills overflowing with things we never needed, and now we are seeing extreme weather events that create issues for home safety and ability to grow food. The list goes on and on.

Seeing these events can be overwhelming. As an individual we can fall into the trap of feeling helpless, but we are here to tell you that you are not helpless. You have incredible power as both a consumer and business owner to help turn our current global ecological state into a positive one.

When we started our farm we were blind to many of the ecological costs of running our business. We could see the bottom financial line but it was not until we stepped back for a moment that we understood the amount of waste we were generating with our old way of shipping, our old way of powering our hatchery, the old way of doing business. In a very short time, with some creativity and a lot of heart we were able to turn our farm business from one of waste into one of right ecological stewardship. We are now leaders in our industry and customers take notice because we are a powerful example that a business can thrive without harming the natural world.

We did not set out to change our business practices for financial gain, we did it because it was the right thing to do for the natural world. We want our children to inherit an earth that is thriving. We were amazed and grateful to find that on the other side of all of the changes we were making, consumers were going out of their way to support us because of our new business model. It is all very simple, when business owners focus on how much they can reduce their waste and give back to the world around them – consumers want to support them and an incredible feedback loop is created where we can all thrive. Folks who do not own their own businesses have the power to speak with their dollars, they are going out of their way to change the business sector by only supporting businesses that are doing the right ecological, social and physical things for the world.

Business owners small and large have an opportunity to step up and make the ecological changes that we all need to make. Policy is taking too long to protect our natural world but we as business owners can set the standard for what needs to be happening in each one of our industries. With one change at a time in our individual business models we can create change at a rapid rate. As industry leaders rise, consumers will notice and when financial support is coming your way, other businesses in your same sector will follow suit. It is truly a win, win, win for the whole global community.

Interested in learning more? Email [email protected] to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation with Franchesca to see if we are a good fit to help your business be part of the change we all need in the world.