The Making of Blue

The Making Of Blue
Selective Breeding
Many people ask what kind of quail lay our blue speckled eggs. The answer is a domesticated coturnix quail. The blue egg layers come in a feather types and are the size of traditional coturnix pharoh quail you may have seen folks keep as pets.

This photo illustrates how the blue eggs were achieved overtime with selective breeding. From left to right we can see the closest egg to us was laid with a heavy bloom, next is an egg with a blue tint followed by a white egg with a slight blue tint then more and more blue saturation of color as the line continues.

I love playing with egg colors and and the quail allow me to achieve colors that could take a lifetime with chickens. It takes an average of 5 1/2 months for a chicken to lay. It takes 6-8 weeks from birth for a quail to begin laying.

With every egg selected and incubated we are creating something beautiful. Our pairing with nature and gift to all of you!

We are done shipping quail chicks for 2018 but we will be shipping fertile hatching eggs of both the blue and brown speckled quail eggs if you would like to try to hatch them at home!

alchemist_farmThe Making of Blue

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